Country Shows

Launceston Show, Liskeard Show, Royal Cornwall Show, Wadebridge.

Launceston Show

Next show date is Thursday 21 July 2011

Relaxing after the judging. Both the cattle and their handlers enjoy a quiet spell: a grand opportunity for visitors to chat and ask questions.

Just enjoying life. Judging may only take an hour or two, but entries have to be minded all day - time to relax in the sun. At such times owners are glad to have the opportunity to meet anyone interested - come and chat!

Owl display. One of many country pursuits being demonstrated - flying owls and hawks: a European Eagle Owl drops down for a snack (the falconer is Karen Andriunas of Saker Country Pursuits).

Flower show. First prize in an adventurous category.

Tractor for sale. One of half a dozen different makes and models on display, with all the latest mod cons.

Liskeard Show

Next show date is Saturday 9 July 2011, and further details are available from the Show Website.

Cattle lines. There is plenty of time to chew the fat, or the cud.

Getting ready to enter the show-ring. Peg has an eye on Mike's sandwich, whilst Denise and the team give a final brush to shiny coats.

Enthusiasts. Judging in the rain.

Friends help Denise to show some Dexters.

Cattle championship. First prize winner in each cattle class is invited to compete for overall Champion. A crowded show-ring - but shortest in the front!

The band plays. Liskeard Town Band serenades the craft tent and the tea tent. Mike took time away from the cows to play the cornet.

Heavy horses in the main ring. These three were ridden by young folk dressed in mediaeval attire.

Side-saddle fancy dress. Liskeard show has a great many classes for horses, and for their riders too!

Diggers in the main ring. Synchronized lumbering from young farmers.

Digger slalom. A steady hand on the controls as a young farmer drives over an elevated pole by careful use of the front bucket and back hoe: one of several obstacles in a timed obstacle race.

Royal Cornwall Show, Wadebridge

The dates of the next show are 9th 10th & 11th June 2011, and further details are available from the Show Website.

Judging. In the 'cow with calf at foot' class the calf is allowed to accompany its mother - although a second handler is sometimes needed to stop the calf from frisking around in the judging ring.

Another First Prize. Denise walks off with a trophy.

In the judging ring. Even whilst judging is under way there is time to greet friends.

Threshing machine. There are still people around who know how to use these machines, and still folk who maintain and display them in working order.

Steam engine. Enthusiasts keep all manner of engines working for steam-ups at the shows: this one is driving a stone crusher.

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